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  1. Borobudur Temple Java Jazz : Borobudur Jazz Festival (BJF) will be held again on Sunday (15/5). A number of top jazz musicians who are members of Krakatau Reunion became one of the main dish in a concert held at the Borobudur Temple Lumbini Park.   krakatau-reunion-java-jazz
  2. Puppet Museum every week, puppet performance at Puppet Museum Old Town of Batavia, Jakarta, Indonesia. Don’t miss it.Museum_Wayang


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Market Tour will bring you to see something different viewing about early morning people activities. Here you can find the fresh weather, the fresh people and thousand cakes from different taste. We call this area is Cake Market. They start at 03.00 – 07.00 am.


Finish at Cake Market. We move to Traditional Market. Where here you can find people activities as well but different with before it. Here people busy selling their own. Here as well, you can see and find some people doing with different thing. One people cut some chicken, another people doing another activities. You can also smell the bed fresh atmosphere here.


From Traditional Market, we are going to Sunda Kelapa harbor. Where here you see loading and unloading process that done by manual labors. Most of boats are made from wood. Those boats we call as commercial ships.


So as the last of our tour is going to the Fist Market. Here you can see thousand fist that taken just from the sea.


As the last our tour. We will bring you to Cafe Batavia. Here you can lying down or relax your body with some drinking : tea, coffee, beer or juice or just soft drinking after beginning early morning tour.

So don’t be hesitate to see the early morning people activities and book this tour and contact me to : +62 87885501027 or my email : dwi.montero@gmail.com

Note :

  1. Per person is U$ 60 (minimum 2 persons)
  2. Single travel is U$ 90
  3. The price include : car, guide, mineral water, parking and entrance ticket.


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Bus Tour1
Jakarta is capital city in Indonesia. More than 12 millions people live and stay in Jakarta. Jakarta is attractive city for people.

BOOK YOUR TOUR HERE. We are ready to help you to make a beautiful tour when you are in Indonesia. We are ready to help you to make according your request, like business tour, golf course, private tour etc. Directly contact me to email : dwi.montero@gmail.com or to my number : +6287885501027. Dont worry and trust me. YOUR SATISFACTION IS YOUR TRUST TO ME


Jakarta Slum Tour

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Jakarta Slum Tour will give you a different viewing. Where you can directly or close seeing people live. You can also touching and shake them and saying hello with warm smiling. Whether to old people or to children. They will happy, give you warm performance and smile. Although they sleep and stay in poor area. How they live with poor house, poor water and poor condition. Like or dislike they must live although they live and sleeping under the highway. They live together with the same people around them and playing everything with them. They happy. They never feel suffer. They never thinking what will happen next. That is the area where we call hidden area or slum area. We will as well invite you to share something with them, like give them candy, books, pencils or anything you have. Those are of course will make them happy, useful for them. But for those above before it we will visit Drawbridge and Sunda Kelapa Harbor. So why you wait just book this tour and email me : dwi.montero@gmail.com or contact to : +6287885501027 (just text me). Don’t miss it.


  1. Started at anytime according to request
  2. USD 25/ person, minimum 2 persons. Single travel is USD 40
  3. Meeting point at the backside of Batavia Cafe, AT RUMAH MAKAN PADANG/ ELI MINANG AT THE BACK SIDE OF CAFE BATAVIA AND  CONTACT TO : DWI MONTERO +62 87885501027 (just text me).


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                                                   COME AND JOINT !

      LET’S ENJOY COLONIAL HERITAGE TOUR BY FOOT  ——————————————————————————————————- 


  1. Fatahilla Square             
  2. Drawbridge
  3. Lookout Tower
  4. Sunda Kelapa Harbor                        


At RUMAH MAKAN PADANG/ ELI MINANG AT THE BACK SIDE OF CAFE BATAVIA, CONTACT PERSON : DWI MONTERO HP : +62 (0) 87885501027 (just text me). Email : dwi.montero@gmail.com. Only U$ 20/ person (min 2 persons) Why not !

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Si Jagur

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Shape of a woman’s hand with a bracelet, as well as the position of the thumb which is sandwiched between the index and middle fingers. The Portuguese language ‘mano in figa’, meaning as a symbol of trust and fertility, as well as to mock the Netherlands who is an enemy of the current Portuguese. The cannon was believed to have supernatural powers.


Thousand Doors/ Lawang Sewu

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This is an old building in Semarang, Central Java. Built by Dutch as rail ways office. But when Japanese took out this place, something happens in this building. At least 20 Hollandes (Dutch women) which is consisted 10 married and 10 virgin were raped by Japanese armies. So till now in every middle night some of raped victims walking around and had heard troop foot of Dutch. Believe it or not, call me and book this tour.

Thousand Doors
Thousand Doors